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Did you miss me? is about a conversation I had with Chloé, a little girl missing her family. She was crying, I proposed to sit and write a letter. She couldn't write a word but couldn't stop texting on her phone...

Did you miss me ?


It's written by extra forces, that some of these incredible scientistic act must be delivered in somekind of ways.

Like a good taste of anything, nothing can be eligible of naturaly being relevant. Aslo beware of the irresonable direction that you want to believe, it has TWO similar moonly faces. Prooven by a beautifuly regardless solacing dance, all impurities are eradicable.

If a just can be missed, no handled nowhere. That is not byhere rapscallion moment but more a deep-sixed evidence of sidereal elucidator.


Writting an essay with Chloé.

We are together in that room, trying to write (in a way) the thoughts she might mind.

She wants to come back home. So much, because of her family. This is tuff situation, some missing sensations - she thinks about her mom and dad, being sad that they live separate (from two years now.

She keeps crying while writting _ it's a good thing _ I hope so.

Her phone keeps ringing each three minute _ She then texts to that anonymous number super normally.

She suddenly start writting for that one, who is on the other side, to another one, just one other.

So she stopped her essay of writthing for herself.

And so I, for myself.


Help yourself !

© Shankar