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December 2021 - Antefatto De Facto at Réservoir Danse


October 2021 - In residency at ZsenneArtLab, Brussels


July 2021 - Cooking at 168H Festival, organised by Auguste Brisot, Grégoire Bélien and Guillaume Rousseau somewhere in the mountains in France


June 2021 - Open presentation Antefatto De Facto, with Gitte Hendrikx, at De Kroon in Brussels. If you wish to see it, let me know by email and I'll get back to you asap.


2021  Antefatto De Facto, De Kroon, from March till August, Brussels

           Antefatto De Facto, Réservoir Danse, Rennes


             Group exhibitions, Residencies

2020 :   Pleasure, International Bad Video Art Festival 4#, Khodynka Gallery, Moscow

             Antefatto De Facto, in residency at Réservoir Danse, Rennes

2019 :   Once I had been being a stone, Maison Grégoire, Bxl

             Ad honorem City of Squalor, Brasserie Atlas, Bxl

             Obliterate Project, Les Brigittines, Bxl

             My Best Friend is Rémi and you should know why, ZsenneArtLab, Bxl

             As it turned Red, OHNOPICASSO, Arba-Esa, Bxl

2018 :   Approaching Portland, Centrale for contemporary art, Bxl

2017 :   Introduction to Dharma words of master Lu, Rossmut Gallery, Rome

             Some Troublesome, La Raffinerie Charleroi-Danse, Bxl

             Pluie de  flèches et de yeux, Greylight Projects, Bxl

             Introduction to Dharma words of master Lu, Arba-Esa, Bxl

2016 :   GeneJazz, Material Reality, Vanessa Quang Gallery, Paris

2015 :   Immersion à la Chapelle #4, CCR Rennes

             Sand-Pécore, Un Continent Chronophage, Le Praticable, Rennes
2014 :   Choreographic research with Catherine.L and Anne-Karin.L, Le Garage CDRM


2019   Theory of every eye, thesis, assembled at Brasserie Atlas. x 6

2018   Runout, poetical text of an adventure.

2017   As a Space Interview, interviews for dancers & choreographers.

2016   Apostasie #1, texts and photography, A2 printed x6

2015   Specific meaning trough contemporary eyes, drawings in serigraphy. x27


           Dancer / Performer

2019   Shadows of tomorrow, Ingri Midgard Fiksdal, KFDA, Le Lac, Bxl

2018   On a bien accroché by M.Buchy & Shuzo Azuchi Gulliver, MG, Bxl

           Trigger of Happiness, by Ana Borralho & João Galante, Beursschouburg, Bxl

2017   Somewhere, Two Planets Have Been Colliding, Dora García, Bxl

            Il Palinsesto, by Francesca Chiacchio, Nadine, Bxl

            Slugs’ Garden, Fabián Barba & Esteban Donoso, KFDA, Bxl

2016   Roman Photo, by Boris Charmatz, Fous de Danse, 104 Paris

From 2011 to 2016 - Jours Étranges, by Dominique Bagouet,

Grd Théâtre Lorient, Extension Sauvage La Ballue, TNB Fous de Danse, Le Triangle, Théâtre de la Ville Paris, Le Klap Marseille, Mac Orlan Brest...

2011 & 2015  The Show Must Go On, by Jérôme Bel, TNB Fous de Danse, Opéra de Rennes

           Background in visual arts, dance and theatre

2019  Master in art & choreography at ISAC, Arba-Esa, Brussels

2016  DNAP art department EESAB, Rennes

2013  Applied Arts Baccalaureate


2011-2019 — Dance training : Simon Ascencio, Louise Vanneste, Tijen Lawton, Youness Khoukhou,  Thierry Micouin, Maud Le Pladec, Pénélope Paraud, Olga Dukhovnaya...

                   — Theatre : Eric Antoine, CRR Rennes with Eric Houguet


 Workshops followed between 2015-2019 with Ezster Salamon, Marcelo Evelin, Philippe Gehmacher, Jozeph Wouters, Mette Ingvertsen, Arkadi Zaides, Faustin Linyekula, Pierre Droulers, Gérald Karlikow, Camille Louis, Mårten Spångberg, Olga De Soto, Jochen Dehn, Neal Beggs...

© Shankar


    Considering the world production, a massive fertile pile of trash, me too, I produce things with materials and gestures. Abandoned notions as dark, as death but also as yellow, as humor, functioning as response to the absurdity and incoherence of everyday life.

 — The theatre of an outrageous adaptation.

Using satirical shifts to create meaning while making collages. Myths slipping over trivial elements, foreseeing funerals of artefacts or some afterlife-affect of life.

Trying devoted art forms. Touching edges of historical reproductions from modes of representation.

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