Non-permanent participants :

Paula Almiron (Ar)

Rémi Buffet (Fr)

Elena Carvajal (Es)

Estelle Czernichowski (Fr)

Fabrizia Flüher (Ch)

Gitte Hendrikx (Be)

Clémence Péguy (Fr)

Aela Royer (Fr)

Laura Tinard (Fr)

Salomé Genès (Fr)

Milo Slayers (Be)


Here is early versions with different people in diverse spaces.

Obliterate Project

2019 - 2020 - 2021 . . . .

7 performers for a mutlisourced body of work.

Obliterate Project is based on a variety of physical propositions, levels of performativity, as access to modes of representation.

"Theater in the theater", transposed to "Dance in dance".

The generosity of the project, hybrid and decentralized, strives to sculpt the spectator gaze with funereal joy.

From choreography to improvisation, the project is renewed towards a quest for episodic erasure.

Put the audience on hold. Anonymous and "unpunctual" group requested for a "divestiture".

The project works in a hurry, facing precarious contexts.

© Shankar